Q:What are the important matters that we have the obey during the purchasing of canned products?
A:You have to buy the canned products having the permission from Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.Do notconsume the blowned up, leaked out and opened packages.
Q:Is it necessary to heat the ready meals ?
A:You can consume the ready meals either hot or cold. But to consume some ready meals cold, they are more delicious. We offer you to consume stuffed vine leaves cold and stewed red beans lukewarm.
Q:How are the opened products kept?
A:If you are not planning to consume the canned product immediately, you have to keep them in the refrigerator maximum for two days.
Q:How are the canned products kept?
A:You can keep the canned products cold places without humidity.
Q:Can we use the brine of the canned products?
A:Some brines of the canned products are delicious. For example brine of canned okra. You can throw away the brines but do not forget that these brines are including vitamins.
Q:Are the canned products harmful for health?
A:To consume the cans which are not blowned up leaked our or untouched with air are not harmful to human health.