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About Us

Tamtad's founder Mesut Yuvgun esablished Tamtad Canned Factory in 1958 by enrolling in Aegean Region Chamber of İndustry  with the number 3541 and in Tire Chamber of Commerce with the number 459. The Production consisting only canned vegetables at the time, started in 1959 in a 300 square meter humble factory in Tire's industrial site. 

Canned food was not well known at the time when Tamtad began its first production, therefore we even produced our tinsdelicatessen ourselves. Later we moved to a facillity of 30.000 square meter open and 10.000 square meter closed space in 1989 and today we stil continue our production in this facility using latest technology and standarts.

The new production facility is located in Tire, which has rich lands suitable for agriculture, 80 km away from Izmir port and 45 minutes away from izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, In 1996, a new olive oil facility was added to Tamtad providing a service to olive producers in the region. This Italian "Amenduni Nicola" branded, CE certificadet    olive oil Facility has a capacity of  100.000 kg olives per day and can produce very high quality olive oil due to latest technology. Using this high quality olive oil, TAMTAD VILLA brand was found, acknowledged and appreciated by our customers.

In 2000, we decided to add pickled products to our product line and made investments to start the production, These TAMTAD branded pickled Products were appreciated both in the domestic and overseas markets.

Today, we continue to produce over 70 different types of products, over 250 SKU's with TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certificate and with EN ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System certificate.

The main product lines of the company are; canned vegetables, canned ready meals, delicatessen products boiled legumes, jams, coctail cherries, canned fruits, sauces, pickled products and olive oil.

We continue to produce reliable, sustainable and competitive products under Tamtad brand  to serve our customers both in domestic and overseas markets with the same enthusiasm of our first day and we try to reach new markets and customers every day.

As Tamtad, we often refer to our Agricultural Production  Agreement in order to ensure high level of food safety. In order to provide highest safety levels in foof production, we make sure no residues of pesdicides remain. We also support the activities of ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock to limit the sales of agricultural pesticides only. 

Tamtad was rewarded with a medal by the Food and Agriculture organization of United Nations (FAO) that Turkey has been a member of since 9 june 1947, in a meeting hels in Izmir Turkey on World Food Day, 22 October 2007.

Today, we continue to serve both domestic and owerseas markets, exporting 50% of our products, trying to become a global brand.

We are grateful for our customers, domestic and worldwide, for their trust, interest and support they have provided until this day and we hope continue building on this trust in the future. Thank you for your interest..  



 Our founder Mesut YUVGUN was bor in Tire, in 1930.  His mother was Mrs. Sabriye, his father was Mr. Keçeci Hafız Faik. The studied elementary and middle schools in Tire  and  graduated from İzmir Atatürk High School with a high degree. he could not continue to study college due to economical reasons.This caused him to long for a college degree all his life and therefore he managed to send his both sons to college.

 He started working in Tahtakale, Tire owning a cloth shop. However due to his entrepreneur character and enthusiasm in production, he was not happy in his shop and started to look for an idea. He examined many different professions and decided on canned products, which was a very newe technology  at the time. 

Even though he knew nothing about canned foods, he contacted universities and research facilities about the matter. At the end, he made a courageou move and decided to invest in canned foods. In the begining there were very hard times but after his continued approach in high quality standarts and determination, TAMTAD brand started to be known in the market. He was even a pioneer in some issues in the sector.   

For exemple, canned okra was produced as a single type in the 1960's. Mesut Bey decided to seperate okra into 3 different lengths, These 3 types of canned okra was appreciated by customers.

A- Canned Lüx Okra ( Okra length between  0-4 cm )
B- Canned Ekstra Okra ( Okra Length between  4-7 cm )
C- Canned Ordinary  Okra ( OkraLength between  7-9 cm ) 

Canned Ordinar Okra is no longer produced by Tamtad but we stil continue to seperate okra according to different  lengths. We continue to export Canned Lux Okra and Canned Okra under the same brand names, while we only sell Canned Lux Okra in Turkey.

Mesut Yuvgun fathered two sons and took roles in different trade and production communities, Tire municipal government. He passed away 27/06/1992 due to a deadly illness he came down with at the end of 1991.

Today, we stil hold onto Mesut Yuvgun's main principal: Any goal can easily be achieved if you continue to work with an accelerated tempo showing enthusiasm, discipline, devotion and loyalty while holding the company's golas and benefits as your priority.