Jop Application

Candidates who wish to apply for a jop in Tamtad are required to fill in the Application Form on our website.

After the application, the information is received and stored in our database by the Human Resources Department.

When There is a staff need during the year, we primarily scan our database for suitable candidates. The information about the applicants are stored in our database for at least 1 year.

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Internship Application

Internship applications of Undergraduate School, Vocational School, Technical High School and Commerce High School mandatory to graduate are accepted by Tamtad.

According to laws 5510 and 3380, documents regarding that their schools are making the necessary payments for the contribution of occupational accidents and diseases, have to be provided. The internship of those who cannot provide the necessary documents until their first work day will not be started and cancelled!

The applications for summer internship can be made only through our website until April 15. The applications are saved in our database and the applicants are evaluated and selected by our Human Resources Depatment according to the intern needs of departments. Applicants will receive an e-mail with a positive or negative feedback by the end of the first week of May.

Applicants from vocational, Technical and Trade High Schools who want to apply for a winter internship at tamtad, are required to submit their applications between june and September. The applications can be made through the from on our website or in person by coming into our facilities. The applications will be evaluated according to department needs. After the evaluation process, the Human Resources Department will get in touch with the students that are accepted for an internship and their schools.

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