Industrial use of groundwater could counter print.





 IZMIR - hereinafter the amendment to the Law on Groundwater wells, galleries, tunnels and the like will be drawn for drinking, irrigation, using a limited amount of industrial and commercial water. From 25 February 2013, will use the groundwater, wells pre-loaded with water and electricity meters taktıracaklar their facilities. Taktırmayanların the documentation will be canceled. Thus, water can not be used outside the specified capacity. Industrialists involved in fruit and vegetable processing, especially panic drawn by applying the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry requested the application by contacting the Ministry of Water Affairs and Forestry.

Industrialists, who expressed concern about this Tamtad Canning Inc. General Manager and Member of Parliament Kürþad EBSO Yuvgun, installation of groundwater wells are thought to accrue the required counters will increase the costs of wages, will lead the consumer to purchase more expensive products and companies working in the informal competition trailing in a new injustice he noted.

Canned tomato paste, pickles, fruit juice industries, sectors, is reminiscent of a large amount of water is needed and uninterrupted Yuvgun, " the necessity of the process needs to one side, even if only in terms of food security will never be considered the restriction of the use. Underground water wells, installation costs and fees are thought to accrue the required counters and foreign funding needs will increase and will lead the consumer to purchase more expensive products in competition with companies working in the informal to add a new injustice, would lead to the collapse of exports, the reasons to start thinking about reducing the use of water and will begin to emerge along with the unwanted food safety risks.

Increase in the cost of primary agricultural products, with a synergistic effect of chaos will be a lot more I can count. This abandonment of the application and the actual emergency, the registered wells are said to be at least eight to ten times the amount of the registration and unlicensed unlicensed wells are determined to block drilling will hope and expect yoğunlaşılmasını. Otherwise you will not be able to guard against the effects of the conditions of unfair competition that will arise, "he explained. Canned, sauce, pickles, juice, water, money paid if the profitability and competitiveness of industries will fall largely stressed Yuvgun, " an incredibly high amount of processed fruit and vegetable sector and the quality of water using the. Consumes 50 liters of water per second is a tiny tomato plant. I mean this is almost a little tea. Therefore forced to use water from wells. Have you seen any OSB tomato paste factory ? See it. Because the tomato plants, the water will lose their competitive edge they get money, they can not export, so they are forced to make production "he said .

If they want to wear that can not be found in watches today Yuvgun, "The Hours will be featured at times. They know our homes half-finger, three-quarter -mounted small-scale watches are not water installations. Every one of the six wells to be installed four to eight inches in diameter and pre-paid hours allocated to. now decided to equip even if we do not already in existence at the appropriate times. need to abandon this practice, "he said.

Izmir is made from the pilot region 

Next create a large number of water wells being licensed strays Yuvgun pointing to unfair competition, said: " from competition are not afraid, but afraid of unfair competition is not possible to be able to fight unfair competition.. because. A party will pay the other party will not pay for water. Licensed wells, and eight to ten times There are said to be the amount of unlicensed wells. istiyorlar. Bunun to wear them for hours licensing causes us to do something. everything in Turkey is starting as a pilot. They tell you that you do not accept the Izmir pilot area. Aviate We do not want anymore.