Exporter of Canned grip of drought and the increase in the cost of packaging

IZMIR - mounted by drought closing prices of canned ihracatsısı hardship last season, this year, on the one hand the lack of rainfall at the desired level, on the other hand, the rise in the prices of metal and glass packaging forced to increase prices. Aegean Region Chamber of Industry Chairman of the EU Committee on Agriculture and Agro- Food Industry and the general manager of Konservecilik'in Tamtad Kürşad Yuvgun, the biggest problem last year because of the drought that drew attention to a troubled year. Describing the problems experienced at the beginning of last year that irrigation Yuvgun" negative developments in the yield of the product was due to lack of irrigation. Accordingly, a significant climb in prices of agricultural products has occurred. So you 've done both expensive and a limited amount of production," he said. Yuvgun East Central Anatolia regions, rainfall is up to the saying that, also drew attention to the Aegean alamadığına enough rainfall .Yuvgun, "All these are the problems in the current year will grow in terms of groundwater and irrigation shows . This is also in the form of canned and processed fruit and vegetable sector, reflected in the rise in prices," he said. Besides canning industry cost increases packaging costs, increases in agricultural inputs Yuvgun also pointed out that, "the world metal prices rising too fast. This increase also increases the prices of metal packaging. Energy costs increase in a significant cost increases in the leading glass packaging," he said. Contract farming should be scrutinized in the light of all these developments is difficult to work abroad, in companies that link customers Yuvgun alivre, said: "Some of the risks are not technically feasible or economically eliminate or not. Such insurance instrument is triggered. However, what sadly enough yararlanılamıyor agricultural insurance. Because the agricultural area which you can insure risks are extremely limited for the majority of the risks that you can buy an insurance policy, unfortunately, our country is not included in the application. Consequently, the need to be taken under the scrutiny of agricultural insurance as well as contract farming model. meet the needs of the legislation to be adapted to meet the needs.