Enjoy the endearing Turkey

AA - LONDON - UK company established its own brand of food produce from Gama , as well as famous brands of food imported Turkish businessman Ali Sanchez, showcases the country's biggest supermarkets opened the Turkish Quality .
Three years ago, peaking at a Safeway supermarket chains Gamma Foods Ltd, another well-known supermarket chain in the UK , which at this time was Asda'ya . The other two well-known supermarket chain in the UK stating that Morrison and Ali Somerfield'in starboard , " British supermarkets are not the only items by inserting , booth open for use of food products produced in our country we have demonstrated that European standards ," he said . Asda'ya entered under the Mediterranean flavor , shelving them to offer consumers the product stating that 50 kinds of canned lokuma Sanchez, 300 branches throughout the UK Asda said Turkey would contribute greatly to the promotion of quality . Sandzak Asda'larda will provide services primarily in London , England yayılacaklarını all the time , he said.

Ebru , Tamtad , Sebahat ...
Sanchez, Gama started selling brands such as the production of olives , Ebru said. Gamma pulses and dried fruit varieties produced under the brand through Asda offering British consumers Ali Sanchez, Tamtad brand canned varieties produced , manufactured under the brand Sebahat with Turkish delight and halva pickles Melis said that the locations of Asda's shelves . Starboard , large supermarket chains to enter the Turkish products worked for four years , said they were trying to comply with the standards . Starboard , due to mistakes made in the past to eliminate the main objectives of 'no confidence that the Turkish products , he said.
Starboard operating in London for over 15 years Gama said Turkey will continue to bring in different flavors . Operating in the UK market for food products of various cultures , indicating that the annual turnover of £ 100 million on the starboard , Turkey, 20 percent of the market share of these companies can get the product that has been expressed.


Source: www.radikal.com