Turkish products British supermarkets


Britain's product range consists of all food products wholesaler Gamma Turkish Food Limited Company, the nation's largest supermarket chains, Morrison, Asda and chain Budgens Somerfield'in then also managed to bring in Turkish products. 

  Budgens supermarkets "Turkish products, rayon" that the agreement for the creation of Gama, opened the first branch of the Turkish s dressing Budgens'in central London district of Bayswater. Ebru Turkish Gama and branded products as well as the drop-down aisle Melis, Tamtad, dimes, Sebahat, products include brands such as Sütdiyari and Kars. 
140 branches across the country in the Budgens'da, Gamma pulses of Turkish products sold by the pickle, dried fruits lokuma, cheese, canned food is up to 120 different products. past five years, limited to ethnic markets and sales activities across the country managed to move a giant Gamma Limited Budgens supermarkets chains, indicating that they were pleased to take place in Bayswater branch director Hamid al-Idrisi, customers said it was great interest in Turkish products. "These products have determined that there is a great interest in the first day," said El Idrisi, consumption of varieties of Turkish products sold in Budgens'larda be increased in the future by the chart said. Gama Foods Limited, while serving as the first name of the Safeway grocery chain Morrison changes the "Turkish Quality "Section opened under the concept. Morrison close to 900 branches throughout the UK, especially London, close to 50 branches of 59 Gamma ongoing product sales throughout the country, with branches in 300 Asda chain in the "Mediterranean flavor" sells its products under the name.            


Gamma products mainly inhabited by Muslims Asda in London, Birmingham and Leicester branch sold 20 such cities. Somerfield market with 200 branches in 15 branches in 82 kinds of Turkish products are sold. Expressing his views on the subject Gamma Limited Chairman Ali Sanchez, ethnic markets and limited in the past five years since the end of the Turkish products operating at the national level have managed to enter the markets, he noted. supermarkets products covered by these organizations, indicating that the high quality products produced according to the standards of Sandzak, "As a company, we believe all the criteria getirebildiğimize. Otherwise it could not go to markets. The quality of our products, as well as ethnic British society and increasing the chances of increasing interest in the market for Turkish products. Our products are now seen as the products of a third world country, "he said.

Source: www.hurriyet.com.tr