Great News from TAMTAD; Canned ‘Vegetarian Bulgur Specialty/Çiğ Köfte’

Tamtad began operating in 1958, while people still did not know much about canned food. With their growing experience and technology company found out an inspiring idea regarding one of Turkey’s most adorable traditional tastes -  canned vegetarian bulgur without meat.

In an interview with Kürşad Yuvgun, CEO of the company remarks that production runs with sterilization technique according to all favorable conditions which are also certified: TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, TS EN ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System and FSSC 22000. General impression on consumers show that product is adorable in taste, quality and easy use. Admiration of the consumers encourage us more in R&D work and increases employee motivation.

There is a strong research behind this innovation, facts show that:

*People have high consuming habits for the traditional taste; vegetarian bulgur specialty.

*Regulations restricted production of this food, using meat is not allowed.

*Regulations also banned use of chemical additives.

*Since the product is sold in bazaar area without any package it is easily contaminated.

*These contaminations mostly cause diarrhea which is positioned in public as “vegetarian bulgur specialty helps digestive system!”

Considering these facts, company decided to produce this product in can and clear away all problematic factors concerning health. After all hard work done in research & development department, product is produced successfully without any contamination or living micro-organism.

Now product is available for sales in 400g & 830g easy open packs and 5000g suitable for catering packs all around the world. As a final quotation from the CEO, “ It is very honorable to hear how consumers comment and interest in our product. Their first impression and comments lead us to think how true we were in analyzing the market.”