Inspiring Innovation from TAMTAD; Canned ‘Vegetarian Bulgur Specialty/Ciğ Köfte’

Tamtad - One of the leading companies in food sector since 1958- again comes with a new inspiring idea.Through this innovation company combines Turkish traditional taste adored by young segment with canned food. 

Tire News

One and Only in the sector

Idea is led by the owners of the company Kürşad Yuvgun and Deniz Yuvgun. First production was conducted 1 month ago. This unique product is produced via high technology equipments in hygienic environment. Most importantly product do not contain chemical additives or meat. There are two applicable sizes available – 400g and 830g.

Two Size Available – 400 g & 830 g

Following the launch, product was sent to diaries in Tire as the first step. Next goal is to start distributing this product globally all around the world through using likely prices of both sizes. It is very delicious and easy to prepare this product as a sider meal.

First Impression on Product: “People are highly interested”

Dilek Sümer organized testing sessions at the stand located on Tuesday, in the middle of the regional bazaar in Tire. Catchy quotations by the consumers were regarding delicious taste of the product.