Tamtad, sauces is preparing to present hit the market this year.

Izmir - vegetables, ready meals, canned fruit and boiled pulses, as well as cold meats, jam, cherry candy, pickles, olive oil and sauce Tamtad performs this year, the ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard, especially poised to offer consumers a new range of sauces .

Today, the number of products in different packaging types and sizes were evaluated over 70 250 Director General of Trade and Industry has found Kürşad Yuvgun Tamtad Canning, product portfolio, particularly ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard to preparing for the new addition to the range of sauces, he said. New products on the shelves this year underlines Yuvgun receivable for the previous year have added to their range of products Tamtad Villa branded olive oil, beetroot and pickled jalapeno peppers and add to the previous year in fresh, canned bean claimed to have continued to see demand by consumers. Products at home and abroad 'Tamtad'  transfer Yuvgun marketed under the brand, "Today, more than 70 as some sort for their packaging and the dimensions of the product is evaluated, we have close to 250 and TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System EN ISO 22000 : 2005 Food Safety Management System belgelerimizle made, "he said. That they were almost half of the production exported to around 30 countries Yuvgun that information, products, vegetables, ready meals, fruit, cold meats and boiled with beans, preserved, jam, cherry candy, pickles, olive oil, and can be categorized into major groups in the form of sauce, he said.

In 1958, the founders of the foundations of Canning Plant Tamtad taken by Mesut reminiscent of Yuvgun Kürşad Yuvgun, Tire industry 's first production activities of about 300 square meters in 1959, a small plant, told me they started the production of a limited number of canned vegetables. Yuvgun, said: " Canning ourselves yet well known, even in those years, producing canned box, carrying out our work, today 30 thousand square meters, with a covered area of 10 thousand square meters of modern facilities and amenities required by the technology using the latest technical information, activities are continuing. In addition, to improve the effectiveness of our brand, sustainable and competitive by producing safe foods, as the first day of non-stop domestic and foreign customers continue to serve with enthusiasm. At the same time trying to find new markets and new customers, "he said .

The problem of shortage of raw sector 

Referring to the problems of the sector Kürşad Yuvgun, especially canned, pickled, and pointed out that he has trouble with fruit juice producers supplying raw materials . Farmers generally inclined towards industrial agriculture, pointing to some sort of table varieties Yuvgun rather than, " They meet the needs of the food industry. This situation, action is required to be removed to maximize our food safety the importance of a reliable supply of raw material sourcing contracts and choose the path of agricultural production is indisputable. However, the charm of varieties of table grapes, is an obstacle to achieve the desired improvements , "commented. Yuvgun, dated 6427 until March of 2014 in accordance with the law regarding groundwater, groundwater kullanacaklardan wells pre-loaded with water and electricity meters taktırmayanların use of their facilities is another issue certificates stressed that the sector is to be canceled. This law specifies the capacity of the water can not be used Yuvgun, " Industrialists, the counter engagement by the necessity to pay fees and costs will consist of an underground water impact analyzes will use, not knowing the past, invest and work to overcome any adverse circumstances, the activities continued to this day. Canned tomato paste, pickles, fruit juice and uninterrupted water companies who need a large amount of manufacturers, "he said . Suspension of the implementation of the law until March 2014 Yuvgun pointing the suspension of the negative impact on the investment decisions of uncertainty, and some foreign capital owners suspended their investment decisions, he added.