Tamtad, the brand continues to increase the effectiveness of

Tamtad Canning, products exported to 30 countries by more than 150 today, is moving towards becoming a global brand .

IZMIR - canned and canned Canned Tamtad not yet sufficiently known in the foundations were laid today by more than 150 products exported to 30 countries, is moving towards becoming a global brand. Tire production activities in the first industrial site in 1958, about 300 square meters, is a small property, starting with the production of limited edition and only canned vegetables Tamtad, the advantage of 54 years experience in the industry surely growing.

Managing Director Canning Industry Kürşad Yuvgun Tamtad, competitive, sustainable and safe foods in order to increase the effectiveness of the brand by producing the first day of uninterrupted domestic and foreign customers said that they continue to serve with enthusiasm .

Yuvgun trying to acquire new customers, new markets and stressed, "christmas stocking high volume production needs to make the canning industry and, accordingly, the use of foreign resources is extremely common due to lack of equity. However, we encourage our government to work from own resources, saying more foreign resource firms using own resources, as well as pay an additional tax on the interests decided to take in former years. This is extremely inconvenient and unfair practice for the canned food industry. Firms in the industry, which is already an old registration certificate held exempt from this requirement due to the canning industry for the property sector and now expect to be exempt from this practice, "he said.

In 1958, in the establishment of the founders of the first canning factory Mesut Tamtad Yuvgun began by reminding Kürşad Yuvgun, " Tire industry 's first manufacturing operations in 1959, about 300 square meters of the property is a small, limited edition, and only began with the production of canned vegetables. It is not yet well known in canned foods and canned, canned organization carrying out the work generating box itself even today, 30 thousand square meters, with a covered area of 10 thousand square meters, the new and modern facilities required by the technology through the use of the latest technical information and facilities continue to operate " gave information.

" Pickles are manufactured in "

The company also operates since 2000 in pickles, Tamtad products, brands and marketing of quality assurance in regard to the great acclaim at home and abroad about the Kürşad collect Yuvgun, "To this day more than 70 kinds of packaging types and sizes evaluated together with approximately 250 close to the product, we have TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System documents are producing with. Main products of our company are produced in groups, canned vegetables, canned ready meals, deli meats, boiled beans, preserved, preserves, cherry candy, fruit preserves, sauces, pickles and olive oil can be listed as "he said. However, as of this year from a range of fresh, canned beans into Yuvgun also told,  "Last year, we offer our range of consumers' liking stir pickled beets, pickled jalapeno peppers with olive oils and other products branded as Tamtad Villa consumers continues to be appreciated by the compliment and " made ​​the transfer of .

" We can not earn money from export "

80 percent of products are exported to 30 countries until recently reminded that they Yuvgun Kürşad "However, since 2005 the cumulative projections of overseas sales in total sales by holding projeksiyonlarımızın, proportionally reducing the work, trying to increase domestic sales projections. Currently 60 per cent of domestic projectors created, made ​​up 40 percent of sales abroad. Because it is not possible to export to earn money now . Exports of a wide range of related national basis, keeping it at the risk of the market are trying to dispel " the assessment found.

Yuvgun Referring to the problems in the sector, a sector in need of canned food industry, pointing out that a lot of water, said: " The underground water wells, install the desired counters decided to accrual of fees and costs to increase foreign resource needs of consumers to purchase more expensive items companies working in the informal competition would lead to injustice, and add a new one. This is the immediate abandonment of the application and determined mainly by unlicensed wells, licensing and unlicensed yoğunlaşılmasını We hope to block drilling. "

Canning and fermentation techniques, especially in agro-based industry group were operating in the food industry, most of the time to deliver a product in a certain maturity that he had to make business connections semli emphasizing the alivre Yuvgun, alivre the signing of the purchase contract, under which the food industrialists expressed many risks. Yuvgun, " because the business owner charged with acts of the contract for any reason or fails to fulfill the high montanlı be ordered to pay compensation for the compensation of such acquisition is unable to meet the recipient, price and payment, even without the pre-requisite will and supplies provided to compensate the faces mecburiyetiyle. To eliminate the risk of such a situation to industrialists, as well as against the planned production projections are looking for a way to perform a safe agricultural production contract is the most important tool, "he concurred .

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